Information for Metro Rail Operators

XTD (Cross Track Digital) builds, installs and maintains the world’s first multi-screen digital media system that will fully function in virtually any metro-rail system worldwide. The system enhances metro rail environments and presents Rail Operators with entirely new or added revenue streams from previously untapped advertising budgets. XTD systems operate in either underground or above-ground locations and function independently of all existing metro infrastructure.

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Information for Media Sellers

XTD (Cross Track Digital) media systems offer Out-of-Home media sellers entirely new advertising revenue streams for metro rail networks either in underground or above-ground locations. The system can be installed in any metro rail network worldwide and operates independently of any traditional or existing digital metro-rail signage.

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XTrackTV has established itself as a premium channel that delivers an audience that is unique by its demographic and socioeconomic profile. With high platform dwell times of up to 12 minutes, rail commuters are attentive and open to entertainment, which translates to engagement.

Mark Fairhurst, General Manager – Sales, APN Outdoor

About XTD (Cross Track Digital)

The launch of XTD Limited’s Cross Track Digital media system brings a new era of commuter engagement to the world’s major metro rail networks.

  • Australian-based, internationally focused world-first cross-track digital media systems.
  • Developed technology to facilitate interaction between the media system and people’s mobile devices.
  • Large-format high-definition digital media screens.
  • Supported by integrated stereo sound capabilities unique to the rail environment.
  • Does not use or interfere with existing station controls or monitoring equipment.
  • Easily installed, underground and above ground.
  • Internet connected screens can broadcast up-to-the-minute information for rail commuters, including live service announcements, localised weather, event details and news.

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