Cross Track Digital Expands to Brisbane Australia

Cross Track Digital Expands to Brisbane Australia

06:04 08 April in Industry news, Metro Rail

April 8, 2015: XTD Ltd has today announced the expansion of its Cross Track TV network in Australia and a partnership with Outdoor advertising company APN Outdoor to take on the advertising rights for a new XTD system within the Brisbane metro rail network.

The new agreement sees Brisbane become the third Australian city after Sydney and Melbourne to feature the fully-digital Cross Track Digital video and content systems which are sold by APN Outdoor under the XtrackTV brand. The network currently delivers 8.4 million gross contacts per week, according to MOVE statistics.

XTD offers the world’s first, designed for rail, cross-track digital video system and uses billboard-size LED television screens coupled to high definition sound to broadcast all forms of content to metro train commuters.

XTD CEO Steve Wildisen said Brisbane would be the final market in Australia for the Cross Track system, as the company has turned its sights on international expansion with a particular focus on the USA. In February the company announced David Gibbs, one of the world’s most experienced out-of-home media specialists, as its vice president of USA operations.

The company has a seven-year contract with Queensland Rail for the installation and operation of the system in four of Brisbane’s busiest metro rail stations. Passenger traffic on Queensland Rail City Services has now reached 55 million customers annually, fuelled by strong population growth on South East Queensland and an increasing trend toward using public transport. XTD began installing the Brisbane system in January this year and is targeting June 1st to be fully operational.

“Our partnership with APN Outdoor allows us to showcase Australia as our shop window for international expansion with the XTD system,” said Wildisen. “With digital out-of-home messaging and public transport becoming increasingly relevant to the commuting public worldwide, we have a unique platform in the marketing communications industry to connect with people in their daily work routines.”


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