Cross Track Digital

A world-first complete cross-track digital media system

XTD (Cross Track Digital) is a world-first complete cross-track digital media system that brings new revenue streams to major metro rail operators and outdoor media companies.

At the heart of the adaptable system are large-format high-definition digital media screens that complement any existing metro cross-track advertising displays. The system engages rail commuters with crystal clear video images supported by high-definition sound in the immediate proximity.

We have also developed technology to facilitate interaction between our media system and people’s mobile devices.

XTD installations have been designed as a stand-alone digital media channel that does not use or interfere with any existing station controls or monitoring equipment. This enables the system to be easily installed within almost any metro train network in the world, in both underground and in open air locations. The screens and all components including hardware and software are designed to be low maintenance and are monitored 24/7.

The highly adaptable XTD system broadcasts in time spans ranging from eight seconds up to 60-second movie previews and infomercials. The system can also be localised to include up-to-the-minute information for rail commuters, by station, including timetable announcements, local weather, event details and news bulletins.

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We jumped at the chance to promote our brand on the Cross Track network. We had an incredible result. We saw traffic to our site grow by 26%.

Lisa Hudson Director of Channels, Brand New Media Australia