Media Sellers

An entirely new revenue stream for metro rail networks

XTD media systems offer Out-of-Home media sellers an opportunity to create entirely new revenue streams for metro-rail networks either in underground or open air locations.

The system can be installed in virtually any metro-rail network worldwide. The multi-screen XTD systems are fully self-contained and operate independently of any existing metro-rail operating or existing signage.

We have also developed technology to facilitate interaction between our media system and people’s mobile devices.

Research indicates that rail commuters spend about 12 minutes on station platforms each day and that 21% of that time is captured by looking at existing cross track media. The research also says that cross-track media is viewed eight times longer than other static advertising.

XTD’s adaptable system consists of large-format high-definition LED digital media screens that command far more attention than any existing static cross-track displays. The system engages rail commuters with crystal clear video images, supported by high-definition sound installations in the immediate proximity. This new opportunity for rail customers to engage with brands at a convenient time brings new opportunities to the placement of traditional television budgets.

The system is highly adaptive to be sensitive to train traffic either approaching or departing any station, while the brightness of the screens and sound levels are also centrally controlled and fully customizable.

For Out-of-Home media sellers, new revenue streams would be created in partnership with local metro rail operators. The OOH operator would help determine a rate card for effective sales based on local market knowledge and an expectation of the price advertisers would pay for this premium, world-first media channel.

The transport sector in OOH is a very appealing media environment. Cross Track Digital will engage commuters whilst they want to be engaged and importantly have the ability to respond.

Joe Copley – Managing Director, Posterscope Australia