Rail Operators

An entirely new, or enhanced, revenue stream

The XTD digital media system offers Rail Operators access to previously unavailable advertising revenue streams. The multi-screen network offers marketers and advertising agencies access to consumers who are a captive audience with long dwell times as they make their daily commutes.

XTD’s adaptable system consists of large-format high-definition digital LED video screens that command far more attention than any existing static cross-track advertising displays. The system engages rail commuters with crystal-clear video images, supported by high-definition sound installations in the immediate proximity.

We have also developed technology to facilitate interaction between our media system and people’s mobile devices.

Research indicates that where cross track advertising is located in metro stations, rail commuters already spend 21% of their station time looking at the advertising. This opportunity for rail customers to watch television commercials, news and other information at convenient times brings new opportunities in the placement of traditional television advertising budgets.

The XTD installations operate as a stand-alone digital media channel that does not use or interfere with any of the existing metro-station controls or monitoring equipment. This enables our system to be easily installed within almost any metro train network in the world.

The system is highly adaptive to be sensitive to train traffic either approaching or departing any station, while the brightness of the screens and sound levels are also fully customizable.

For rail operators an ideal revenue model would be in partnership with a reputable Out-of-Home (OOH) media seller who would provide sales force connections to the local advertising, marketing and media industries. The OOH operator would also help determine a rate card for effective sales based on local market knowledge and an expectation of the price advertisers could be expected to pay for this world-first media channel.

We are very enthusiastic about Cross Track Digital’s ability to effectively connect with our customers in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Claire Driver, Special Projects, Queensland Rail