XTD Reveals Open-Air Installations for its Digital Cross Track Media System

XTD Reveals Open-Air Installations for its Digital Cross Track Media System

03:25 10 June in Business, Cross Track Digital, Industry news, Metro Rail

June 10, 2015: Cross-track digital media system operator XTD Limited has unveiled the world’s first open-air digital cross-track media installations leading to the launch of the media network in another major Australian city.


XTD offers the world’s first, designed for metro rail, large format cross-track digital media system and uses billboard-size LED video displays coupled to high definition sound to broadcast advertising and information to metro train commuters.


The company has an exclusive seven-year contract with Queensland Rail to operate the cross-track digital media and sound systems that have now been installed in a multiple of Brisbane’s busiest metro stations, operating in both below ground and open air locations.


“Up to now our installations have been in underground metro stations, but Brisbane sees a world first in terms of the system operating in open air locations,” said XTD CEO Steve Wildisen. “The system offers precise high-quality vision with sound and the open air locations are operating extremely well.”


Passenger traffic on Queensland Rail City Services has now reached 55 million customers annually, fuelled by strong population growth in South East Queensland and an increasing trend toward using public transport.


XTD also has a seven-year contract with Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd (MTM) operating 32 XTD digital video displays within many of the city’s underground rail stations.  The Melbourne XTD system has been fully operational since October, 2014.


Wildisen said XTD was now focused on its international expansion plans, with particular attention on the USA.

He said that he and senior members of the XTD commercial team were in ongoing discussions with some of the largest outdoor advertising groups, technology companies and media buyers in the US.